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Exile- Careless Breath (Black Jack)

Exile Careless Breath Black Jack Exile  Careless Breath (Black Jack)

I love this anime, and this song icon biggrin Exile  Careless Breath (Black Jack) PS I do not own the pictures or the music

Source: Exile- Careless Breath (Black Jack) (Youtube).

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21 Blackjack Watch by Christophe Claret

21 Blackjack Watch by Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack Watch by Christophe Claret

Jean Dunand Pièces Uniques was founded in 2003 by master watchmaker Christophe Claret and Thierry Oulevay. Inspired by art deco, history and architecture, the Jean Dunand collection comprises a true Grand Complication; the stunning Shabaka, featuring a minute repeater on cathedral gongs and perpetual calendar on rollers; the sublime Tourbillon Orbital, with its orbiting 60-second flying tourbillion and lateral power reserve; and the regally complex Palace, a 60-minute mono pusher chronograph featuring a chain, tracks, arches, bridges and indications celebrating the golden years of engineering. Each and every Jean Dunand timepiece is a unique piece.Video brought to you by Travelindex Network and Travel & Tourism Foundation. is the World's largest Travel Directory. We invite you to submit your tourism, travel or destination site for publication, its free, at Publish and distribute your Travel News and Press Releases for free at http More travel and tourism information and travel videos at: http http and more…

Source: 21 Blackjack Watch by Christophe Claret (Youtube).

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Megurine Luki: ENGLISH BlackJack Dub by Philsterman01

Megurine Luki ENGLISH BlackJack Dub by Philsterman01 Megurine Luki: ENGLISH BlackJack Dub by Philsterman01

Short song that I've been listening to from Luka…^^ Loved how the cover art turned out (I love Photoshop XD) Mp3 Download: LYRICS: I'll stop after this -one more time- I'm so sick of it I'll throw it away –one more time- But before I do I'll try it again –one more time- Cuz I'm the guy who'll make you feel good Red noise rips the moonlight up into shreds Shouts that echo through the streets one more time Now just bring those cold and lonely lips up to mine And we'll see what lies start to flow Suddenly you feel a new sensation You're worried you need an intervention As you swoon, you lit up my affection Figure out what you want Finally you see your contradiction And blindly you loved my compensation Now let's destroy everything Come now let's get crazy Now that your chained down like a dog go wild, lash back at me Before you glare at reality –one more time- Now your feelings burst into 52 pieces there's one I want to find Now tell me where the Blackjack will hide Calmly I had noticed what your missing Your trying to fill your void with lusting But all I can do is just pick you up you'll be alone tomorrow Finally you get used to obeying Just trust me I always end up winning Now you have lost everything Right now you have cut yourself just chasing after fantasies Now before you fall apart inside –one more time- Look back on what you crushed the deck of cards that you just blew over This song is just for you loser…

Source: Megurine Luki: ENGLISH BlackJack Dub by Philsterman01 (Youtube).

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