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“The Perfect BlackJack Model 7″ by Nutnfancy

The Perfect BlackJack Model 7 by Nutnfancy The Perfect BlackJack Model 7 by Nutnfancy

"The Perfect BlackJack Model 7" by Nutnfancy

Built by Bark River Knives, this knife achieves perfection as a classic fighter. Shown in careful detail here, you will note perfect fit and finish in this US produced version of the Randall Number 1. I'd rather have this knife actually. To me it represents superior value at its $170 price. It has beautiful lines, an ultra sharp convex ground A2 bowie blade, a roomy handle providing the excellent balance, a large double quillion guard, and is has a manageable weight at 9.5 oz (14 oz carry). Made since 1991 under the Blackjack name in various places and steels, these just may be the best version yet. Different handle executions include polished micarta, stag, chestnut, dymar, and classic stacked leather (fitted to perfection). From the careful grinding, custom-level handle fitting, to the superb quality leather Sharpshooter Sheath (which does not scratch this collectible), I can level no faults here. It is fast in hand and will hold an edge well. Like the Randall, it achieves what most will feel as classic fighting knife perfection. It also stands ready for hard woods use in both shelter, fire, or survival craft (keep oiled with that A2 steel). For me its a collectible that shows how US knife makers can make a perfect knife at a reasonable price. A true Hall of Famer here in TNP.///////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 11 out of 10

Source: “The Perfect BlackJack Model 7″ by Nutnfancy (Youtube).

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